Your upgrade to a Smart Car

carot smart connected car

Simply plug Carot to your car (similar to inserting a memory stick to your laptop) and it starts reading data about your car 's location, its engine and multiple other sensors. It analyses all the data and gives you meaningful information about your car even when you are not with it!

How to useborder

Activate device on Smartphone

carot smart phone device

Download our application for Android or iOS, and enter your device id to activate it.

Plug with your Car

how to work carot device

Once device is active, simply plug it in your Car's OBD port you will find this inside the cabin, Usually under your dashboard by driver side.

Ready to go

Carot device working procedure

Hurrah!!! Your Car is upgraded to a smart car.

What people think about Us

I am using this hardware from past 2 months and have had amazing experience. This becomes part of my daily routine life. Even if I am not with my car, I feel truly connected. When you will get lot more at one place it's worth a try. I must say truly amazing product.

Pankaj Saini

Indeed new technology for safe driving. Truly innovative and useful device.

P. K. Pankaj

Very good product and unique concept as it is very helpful in providing feeling of comfort and safety to the user.

Sushil Tiwari