Where is the OBD port?

In most cars the port is located under the driver side dashboard. See image below to identify the port in your car.

OBD locator

Plug the device into the port

Simply insert an activated device into the port like you insert a memory stick into your laptop's USB port!

obd2 scanner

Congratulations your car is upgraded to a Smart Car!

The device has a pre-installed SIM card through which it sends all the data it gets from car's engine and its inbuilt sensors to our server where we analyse the data and provide you with the relevant information.

All wireless data transmission is encrypted using bank level security algorithms to ensure that all your data is protected and secure.

smart gps car tracker
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Why cars have OBD port?

With MPFI engines cars essentially have computer inside which processes a lot of data to ensure efficient running of the car.

OBD port has been provided for car service centres to diagnose any problem with car's engine.

Our device uses this port to communicate with the engine and get relevant data for you.

What's inside the device?

The device though small, actually adds quite a punch!

It has the necessary software to read relevant data from car's engine. It is built to operate at up to 70°C - this comes in handy during peak summer days as the cabin temperature of a parked car can reach very high levels! Inbuilt 50 channel GPS chip provides location with accuracy up to a few meters.

carot device feature

Inbuilt accelerometer detects any harsh driving event like breaking, acceleration, or a collision. Back up battery powers the device for more than an hour. This becomes extremely useful in providing crash alert even when the device may come out of the port due to the collision force. Finally its inbuilt GSM chip and SIM card sends all the data to our server without using your phone 's battery or connection.