• Car Diagnostics

    carot car diagnostic

    Remember last when there was an engine problem and 'Check engine light' would appear on the odometer..how one would open the bonnet and look here and there without a clue! We all do it but we don't have to anymore. Carot will not only let you know the problem but also the problem's impact on your car and tips to fix it.

    This is supported on all cars since 2013*

  • Find your Car

    carot find your car

    If you are waiting for your driver to pick you up or simply want to know where you left your car parked, Carot picks your car's location every few seconds and shall let you know on a click of a button.


    This feature is supported on all cars since 2008.

  • Security Alerts & Notifications

    car towing services

    Whether it's your driver attempting to run air conditioning when car is parked or he is not driving as he should be, or in case the car is getting towed, Carot shall let you know instantly and save you both money and potential damage to your car and its engine!

    If someone tries to plug out the device, you get instant notification as well.


    This feature is supported on all cars since 2008.

  • Trip by trip Analysis

    carot trip view service

    If you are a travel enthusiast or just trying to figure out the most efficient route to work, Carot gives you trip by trip analysis with all the stats you need to optimise your drive.

    It also lets you know about stops made or harsh driving which can reassure you in cases when your driver is dropping your child to school or when your teen has just started to drive.

    This is supported on all cars since 2008.

  • Driving Behaviour

    carot Driving Behaviour

    Driving behaviour analysis & driving violation alerts like over speeding,engine idling, harsh braking, high acceleration.

    This is supported on all cars since 2013.

  • Impact Alert

    carot impact alert

    Our sensor inside the device measures your car's 3D orientation a hundred times in a second and its inbuilt algorithms can detect an impact (possibly due to Hard Bump, Strong Jerk, Physical Knock or Collision). Our servers then analyse the likelihood of a possible accident and inform our call centre to generate assistance call. A live agent shall try to get in touch with you first and then inform your predetermined contact numbers with your car location so that help can be organised.

    This feature is supported on all cars since 2008.

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    Agent shall first call you to confirm if you need help, if so or in case you are not reachable the agent shall call the first number on your emergency contact list and share all relevant details about the crash so help can be organized. In case agent can't reach the first contact, agent shall try the second contact and all the way to the fifth contact until agent is able to successfully inform one of them. In case none of them can be reached, agent shall try the whole process again.

    While we will try our best to ensure accident alert is sent when we receive it, sometimes for reasons outside our control we may not receive the alert from device- in case there is no telecom coverage or GPS availability or device itself gets severely damaged.

  • Share car 's location with friends

    share your car location

    This one is a fun cool feature! Next time you do car pool or go for a countryside trip with your friends, no need for their stress calls to locate your car, just share your car 's location with friends you want to for the time you want to. They would know exactly where you are without even having to download any app!

    This feature is supported on all cars.

  • Call for help during distress

    carot tracking device

    In the event that you find yourself in an unpleasant situation and wish you could let your friends and family know your location, Carot shall let you do just that with few simple clicks!


    This feature is supported on all cars.

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    Simply press 'SOS' button on your application for a few seconds and our application will send your mobile phone's location to your registered emergency contact numbers.

    While our application will do its job, it is reliant on your phone's service provider and GPS sensor to SMS the accurate location. In some cases your phone's GPS may not be able to provide the accurate latitude and longitude to our application.

  • Navigation

    carot Navigation

    Easily navigate from current location to destinations stored in older trips.

    This feature is supported on all cars.

  • Wallet & Reminders

    carot Wallet and Reminders

    Store vehicle documents, get reminders for service due, insurance & others.

    This feature is supported on all cars.

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